About Elizabeth Creely

Elizabeth Creely is a writer, public historian and speaker who lives in San Francisco’s Mission District. She has explored almost every type of environment California has to offer: urban, coastal, riverine, grassland, desert and montane.

She is a contributing writer to Mission Local, a bilingual, local independent online news site that covers the Mission District of San Francisco.

This blog features an new essay (hopefully) every month. I like quality more than quantity, and try to write substantive, research-based and highly personal essays that reflect the best of my conversations, childhood memories, discoveries  and reflections of California.

What’s Dinnshenchas mean, you ask? It’s a type of place-naming literature from early Irish literary culture. This blog takes its cues from the concerns of the original poems and prose of the metrical Dindshenchas: naming place, person and thing with an eye to understanding the mythic.

Etain of the bright country was bourne
to the West, though proud was her birth…

 Rath Esa, stanza 90
Poems from the Dindshenchas: Text, translation, and vocabulary
edited by Edward Gwynn

Elizabeth C. Creely standing in an oak woodland at Anderson Marsh State Historic Park in Lake County.